I heart Portra 160

Before I used Portra: “I don’t really see what the big deal about it is.”

After I used Portra: “OKAY I GET IT NOW.”

I don’t want to shoot with any other film ever!

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I was really impressed by the results of the roll of Portra that I shot a couple of weeks ago.

Like I said before, I’m testing some of the expired films that I found in the basement of the photo store where I work. This roll of Portra 160 expired in… 2006? Or something like that? You’d never know by looking at it.

I usually like to shoot pretty casually for test rolls–nothing that I’ll be sad about if it doesn’t turn out, nothing that’s going to blow your mind if it does turn out.

I also try to put the film through its paces by using it in a variety of lighting situations and by taking close-ups, portraits, and landscapes.

So I just loaded this roll on Labor Day and went to the Lock Haven Regatta with Maggie. I used to love going to the Regatta when I was younger, but we got bored pretty quickly, so then we went to our friend Dance’s house, and I tried to use up the roll even though it was getting pretty dark outside.

I STILL had exposures left, so then there are some photos that are just random shots I took in my daily life to finish the roll (ALSO, to try out an f/1.4 lens).

I have to say, even though it’s only ISO 160 film, it stood up TREMENDOUSLY well under all the conditions in which I used it. I naturally got some motion blur on the low-light photos, but I was hand-holding the camera entirely.

Sadly, it took FOREVER for me to get this roll processed. I went to CVS, where I usually have my color film processed, but their machine was broken! And it stayed broken for quite a while.

I’m not complaining–the CVS in my town offers one-hour film processing, which is rare to find nowadays and has been a huge asset to me in the years I’ve been shooting film.

But this sort of reminded me that, hey Erica, maybe you should prepare for the day that it STOPS offering film processing. Also, I’m really impatient when it comes to getting my photos processed.

SO, I am now waiting for a C-41 Tetenal press kit to come in the mail, and I’m going to start processing color film in my bathtub.

Keep your eyes on this blog to learn how that works out for me!

Oh, and without further ado, here are the lovely, brilliantly saturated, smooth-grained photos I got from that one roll of Portra.


img420 copy 2





















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