TMax 400 Test roll

As of right now, I’m currently working three jobs.

I don’t mind a bit. I love being busy, plus I’m doing everything I can to save money so I can move far, far away!

Besides that, my most recently acquired job is straight-up awesome. I lucked out and fell serendipitously into a job at a photography store, where we sell cameras, camera accessories, film, and more. We also offer services like printing, camera cleanings, and lessons.

I’m in heaven there! All this knowledge of cameras and experience with photography that I’ve accumulated over the years solely for the sake of my own interest and enjoyment is finally USEFUL and APPRECIATED!

In addition, my job there comes with some pretty unique perks.

For example: There is a massive amount of old stock in the basement that needs to be organized. Last week, I was feeling adventurous and went down there to look through some boxes.

Guess what I found? A whole box full of old films!

Portra, Ektrachrome, Tmax, and more–in both 35mm and 120mm. They’re all expired, but we know that some of our customers are film enthusiasts who might like to shoot with expired film to achieve some sort of effect. Before selling any rolls, though, we decided we should test some out.

So, my co-worker and I are the lucky girls who get to test the films out!


I took home these three films with me last week to try out. I had to finish up a roll of Ultramax 800 I was shooting, but after that, I loaded up the Tmax 400 to shoot with.

This was really just a simple test. I shot a little bit over the past week, but I shot the majority of the roll this past Saturday night out at my cabin.

I was surprised by how clean the images were. I truly expected a lot more fogging with expired film (all the rolls were 6+ years past the expiration date), but you wouldn’t even guess it was expired by looking at the photos!

I did get a little higher contrast than I’d prefer, but I’m not sure I can really blame the film. I processed this myself using D-76, and I was a little unsure of the developing time.

I went with 11 minutes after researching a little, and it seemed adequate, but in retrospect I probably could have done 10.5 instead.

I think the main problem may be that I agitate a little too much. I agitate every thirty seconds for five seconds, and I hear most people say they only agitate once a minute.

I sort of like a higher contrast on my images, though, so I don’t want to agitate too little. I think I just need to strike a better balance. Maybe the next roll I develop, I’ll try agitating every 45 seconds?

Anyway, here’s how my test roll turned out!

img376 2






















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