These days

These days, my film SLR goes with me everywhere. I pretty much only bring out my digital camera for newspaper assignments–I don’t know, something about the solid metal camera body makes me feel more comfortable carrying my SLR in my purse. Plus, film is gorgeous!

I’ve come back to my little hometown after nine months in Spain. I live in the Susquehanna River valley, so I’m surrounded by mountains and lovely scenery, and that’s nice.

But my town has never really been my favorite place to be. I don’t plan to stay here much longer than next year–just until I save up the money to leave. I’m enjoying this in-between time while I’m back here, though.

So, here are some snapshots of what’s been going on in my life, featuring the Supermoon, DelGrosso’s, and some glimpses of my oh-so-glamorous life as a grocery store manager.

aug 1

aug 2

aug 4

aug 5

aug 6

aug 7

aug 8

aug 9

aug 11

aug 16

aug 17

aug 18

aug 19

aug 20

aug 12

aug 13

aug 14

aug 15

aug 22

aug 39

aug 40

aug 41

aug 49

aug 46

aug 53

aug 47

aug 54

aug 55

aug 56

aug 57

aug 37

aug 38

aug 50

aug 43

aug 42

aug 45

aug 58

aug 59

aug 51

aug 52

aug 60


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