A bike ride, documented

A few weeks ago, my two friends and I went to the Watsontown Flea Market, which takes place every Sunday.

We’d never been there before and weren’t aware of the hours, so we got there when a lot of things were shutting down. But still, as soon as we got out of the car, my friend pointed at a table across from us and said, “Hey, look Erica, a camera!”

The camera in question was an Olympus OM-10. The guy was asking 20 bucks for it, I offered 15, and he gave it to me for 15. Not a bad deal, considering I hadn’t tested it or anything, but it looked very clean on the inside.

A few years ago, I was interested in buying an Olympus film camera. I was back-and-forth about whether I wanted the OM-1 or the OM-10, and eventually chose the OM-1.

I’m sorry, but I’m not a big fan of the OM-1. I really, really want to like it, but the way the light meter works seems so inconvenient to me. It’s a dark little lever on the side that flicks back and forth between two brackets to let you know when the lighting is correct. I think it’s difficult to see, and it always took me so long to take a photo with it. Someone, please feel free to tell me why I should love the OM-1, because I still have it.

Anyway, the OM-10 is a totally different story. It has a light meter that reminds me of my beloved Minolta XG-1, and there’s something about the quality of the photos it takes that I really like.

To test it after I bought it, I decided to use my roll of I.D.S. Just Click It 160, because it was only 12 exposures. I wanted to finish the roll and get it developed quickly because I was itching to see if the camera worked.

So, I went for a bike ride, and just documented the whole thing. I ended up getting rained on, but the pictures turned out lovelier than I expected.


sss 13

sss 1

sss 2

sss 6

sss 3

sss 5

sss 4

sss 8

sss 11

sss 7

sss 9

sss 12

The last few photos were taken after I got back to my house to use up the roll. It started POURING on me out on the trail, so I had to put my camera away and seek shelter for a bit. I was trying to show the rain on everything and my soaked shoes.

But I love this camera, I must say! The film turned out to give me some pretty cool colors as well, although I really could have picked a more colorful day to use it. Oh well, I’ve still got another roll of it to use.


2 thoughts on “A bike ride, documented

  1. I have an OM-1 and an XG-1 and, yeah, the XG-1 is faster to shoot because it’s aperture priority by default. The OM-1 takes more time because you have to line up the needle. But the OM-1 just feels so good in the hand.

    1. Yeah, I understand completely. I think the OM-1 would be nice if I was doing a planned shoot with plenty of time to set up each shot, but I really like having a nice dedicated film camera that I can carry with me for everyday situations and quick shots. I literally always have a disposable camera on my person, but I like to carry an SLR as well.

      I guess I’m sort of biased because I shoot in aperture priority almost as a default, which I suppose is sort of lazy, but I find it works best for me.
      Thanks for the input, though!

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