Last month, my friends found me this old Kodak Idea booklet at a town book sale.

It’s all about filters and lens attachments, and how to use them creatively. It includes instructions and suggestions for using color filters, polarizing filters, and all sorts of other attachments–and includes lots of example photos.

Many of the photos in the book are truly jaw-dropping, especially for people like me who appreciate psychedelic and otherworldly-looking art.  I scanned a lot of them, so maybe they’ll get their own post sometime!

I really haven’t had the chance to play with filters and lens attachments enough to do anything creative since, but I was at least inspired to fish around in one of my many boxes of photo supplies (that I need to organize).

I found… a prism attachment!

So, for a couple days I kept sticking the thing on the end of my DSLR and shooting random subjects around me. It’s all basically “Hey, here’s what’s in and around my house,” but I enjoyed the effects anyway.

Hoping to do more creative stuff in the future, whenever I have more free time!













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