Semana Santa–Revisiting Ronda


Still going through old film photos that I never posted, since I didn’t have a scanner in Spain.

This year for Semana Santa (which is Spain’s Holy Week–a big celebration that everyone has vacation for), I went back to Ronda for two days with a couple of my friends.

I was in a weird place emotionally, and it was strange and sort of surreal to be back there. But the city is as beautiful as always.

All of these taken with my juicebox camera and Ferrania Solaris 100 film. The warm tones on the Solaris met and exceeded expectations. ❤

sss 14

sss 41

sss 44

sss 43

sss 37

sss 51

sss 40

sss 46

sss 48

sss 35

sss 36

sss 38

sss 42

sss 39

sss 50

sss 47

sss 49

sss 34

On our way out, we also stopped in El Torcal de Antequera, an amazing natural park with some of the coolest rock formations I’ve ever seen. I only took a few shots because the sun was setting and we were busy climbing around. I want to go back!

sss 33

sss 31

sss 32


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