Fireworks deconstructed

I think, instead of always posting written entries, I might start doing photo entries on here as little “updates on my life through photos.”

I’ll also probably add older ones, because I suppose I’ve taken thousands that no one has ever seen.

So, here’s the first one.

My friend used to work at a fireworks store, so she has the ~hook-up~ when it comes to getting huge, awesome ones.

We set them off last week. I learned a while ago that taking photos of fireworks is usually something that seems like a good idea in the moment, but then later I’m stuck with a bunch of boring pictures that look almost-the-same between a bunch of black frames where I just shot the dark night sky.

Keeping that in mind, combined with the fact that it was annoying to have my camera autofocus ONLY when light was present, I decided to just shut off the autofocus and play around with the focal ring the whole time.

The result is way cooler than older fireworks photos I’ve taken.


fireworks 1








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