Photographer problems

I’m fine with my clothes-packing and essential items-packing, but the one category of packing that I’m finding difficult is PHOTO SUPPLY-PACKING.

I’m going to such a photogenic place, and I want to bring everything! But I know that it’s not possible, so I’ve limited myself to two cameras and (painfully) had to part with my tripod (hoping to get a cheap one there).

I’ve really pared everything away to the “essential” supplies, those being:

  • DSLR (Canon Rebel XSi… I’m planning to buy a 5D Mark ii, but I couldn’t afford it before leaving)
  • Kit lens and 50 mm f 1.8 lens
  • Kenko extension tubes (IF I can fit them)
  • Film SLR (Olympus OM-1)
  • Several rolls of film, which I’m still trying to figure out how to carry
  • ONE manual flash
  • Triggers/receiver for the manual flash (I prefer off-camera strobing when possible, but I imagine I’ll be doing more ceiling-bouncing than anything)
  • Remote
  • Charger and extra battery
  • Little colored filters–they’re fun and so small that I don’t feel bad taking them
  • A white/silver diffuser/reflector umbrella (I am TRYING to fit this in, I want to take it soo badly!)

I’m assuming I’ll be shooting almost all color film. I’d love to bring black-and-white film, but I doubt there’s any place for me to process it myself (commonly, drugstore photo labs don’t do “true” black-and-white film, which is D-76 processed). I would be overjoyed if there was a public darkroom or something in Ronda, but I’m afraid that’s too much to expect!

Also, I plan to buy and use disposable cameras while I’m there. I love using disposable cameras when I go out at night or hang out with friends, because I don’t have to worry about breaking them or getting stuff spilled on them. Also, it prevents me from freaking out about lighting and composition–I end up with fun, candid shots that really LOOK like memories.

I plan on doing lots of “snail mail” communication while I’m overseas, mostly because I love sending letters and fun packages to people. It’s much more personal that way! One idea that I had was to use a disposable camera to take pictures FOR specific people, and then send the camera to them for them to develop and see what I gave them 🙂

But then I envision myself carrying around, like, 5 disposable cameras labeled with peoples’ names on them. And I wonder if it’s kind of rude to send someone something that they have to PAY to process… so despite how fun this idea is, it’s not very practical. 😐 Oh well, I’ll still DRAW things for people.

I’m leaving several cameras behind that would be great in specific situations, but not practical for everyday use. I’d love to bring my Instax Wide and my Super 8 movie camera… but I just can’t justify it.

^^Poor thing will just have to stay in my studio.

Oh well, I’ll still try to take lots of lovely photos with what I’ve got!


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